FUE Hair Transplant Treatment


FUE hair transplant or Follicular Unit Extraction method was introduced to the hair restoration. It is one of the modern harvesting options available for hair transplant today. By individually extracting hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them into the recipient area, FUE ensures a seamless and virtually undetectable hairline. Unlike traditional methods, FUE offers a minimally invasive procedure with remarkable natural-looking results.


In the Follicular unit extraction method first a small, circular incision is made with the skin, so as to separate the surrounding tissue. Then the follicular hair pulled out with the help of an instrument leaving a small open hole in the skin. The follicular units are then stored for a while before they are transplanted within the bald areas of the patient's scalp.

Before the grafts are transplanted, tiny holes are created within the bald areas of the scalp using a fine pointed needle. The hair follicular units are then transplanted into the bald areas of the patient where they are bound to grow into healthy hairproducing follicles. This process takes 3-5 hours since follicular units are extracted individually one by one. Sometimes one session may not be sufficient to achieve the required transplantation for hair growth and may stretch over a period of two consecutive days.

The tiny wounds which are approximately 0.75-mm in size don’t take much time to heal. They fully heal over a time period of seven to ten days, without any visible scarring.

Donor Area

In the perfect I technique, the safety of the donor area is given as much importance as the results over the recipient a rea. We do not over harvest the donor. For graft extraction, ultra sharp Cole punches of size 0.8mm to 0.9mm (Depending on the graft thickness) are used. This minimizes damage to the skin tissue and also surrounding follicles. We make sure that for every follicular unit extracted, units are left on the sides, above and below (See picture). This reduces patchy look if the patient wants to keep short hair. Please note, that keeping a buzz cut may not be possible in the future (particularly for 2500+ grafts surgeries) as there will be a density mismatch between the donor zone and the immediately adjacent areas.

Doner area in Hair transplant
Before Surgery and After Surgery

Before Surgery

At Vinoda Hair Transplant Centre, we advise patients to follow some basic precautionary measures before undergoing the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure.

Here is the set of instructions that patients are required to follow:

    Two Weeks before FUE

  • Patients should confirm their appointment with our experts after undergoing various laboratory tests.
  • Let our experts know if you are taking any medications, including blood thinners or broad beta-blockers.
  • Meet our experts to discuss any ongoing medical conditions.
  • Do not shave or cut your hair in the recipient areas. Keep the length of the donor area (back and sides) normal.

    One Week before FUE

  • Patients should halt consumption of Vitamin B, E or any kinds of multi-vitamins that contain them.
  • Stop consuming anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID’s).
  • Let our experts know if you’re consuming any other prescription medicines, including heart and blood pressure medications.
  • Stop smoking a week prior to the procedure. Cigarettes contain nicotine that constricts blood vessels while decreasing the blood flow to the scalp.

    Three Days before FUE

  • Stop consuming alcohol beverages as it can result in adverse reactions and side-effects.

    The Day of FUE

  • Wash your hair properly with shampoo. Do not use any kind of gels, sprays or other hair styling products.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes. Clothing that needs to be pulled on over the head may damage the grafts immediately after the surgery.
  • Avoid wearing any cologne, perfumes or deodorants.
  • Have a light breakfast. However, do not consume coffee or any caffeine beverage as it may increase bleeding and sensitivity towards medications.
  • Surgery uses sedatives and medications that can make you feel drowsy. We advise you to arrange post-op transportation.
FUE hair transplant before Surgery

After Surgery

While our surgeons are experts at performing the FUE procedure and delivering desirable results to patients, it is important for patients to take some post-surgery precautions to ensure speedy recovery:

    Day of FUE

  • We discharge our patients with a head bandage after the procedure. We advise them not to remove it before going to bed.
  • While sleeping, keep your head elevated. In case the donor area oozes, place a towel under your head.
  • In case of bleeding, use a sterile gauze to apply continuous and steady pressure on the bleeding area.

    A Day after FUE

  • Remove the head bandage carefully before taking a shower the next day.
  • Take 3 showers and gently shampoo the scalp, in the morning, noon and night respectively. Wash your hair gently to ensure the scalp is free of blood or crust. After 2-3 days, shower twice on a daily basis.
  • In case of temporary swelling, use cold compression on forehead, 2 to 3 times a day, for almost 15 minutes.
FUE hair transplant after Surgery

The most prominent advantage of FUT hair transplant method/procedure is that it can be carried out in a single sitting and thousands of hair grafts can be performed. The cost effectiveness and affordability of this procedure makes it a great choice among patients.

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