BHT Hair Transplant Treatment


Body hair Transplant is a hair transplant technique in which hair roots are extracted from body areas other than scalp and implanted on bald area of the scalp.

BHT (Body Hair Transplant) is done using the same FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, so it is also known as No stitch technique.

BHT areas can be beard, chest, back, stomach area, legs, and arms. BHT is done in people suffering from extreme baldness, who have very little reserve or very thin hair at the back of their scalp. Thus, this technique gives a big ray of hope to even those with severe (Type VI and VII) hair loss.


Body hair from the beard, trunk, and the extremities can be transplanted by follicular unit extraction (FUE) methods and combined with head hair, if available, to cover both scalp and Non scalp areas to improve severe baldness, create more natural and softer hairlines, repair donor strip scars from previous hair restoration surgeries, and restore facial and body hair.

If the Patient has lack of traditional head donor hair to adequately address their baldness. The main reasons for the lack of traditional head donor hair for transplant are extensive baldness or donor area depletion by prior surgeries. In general, finer and shorter hairs from the leg are more appropriate for restoring or repairing the hairline and temple areas, while coarser beard hair is more appropriate for imparting density and for repair of surgical scars. The choice of body hair graft source is in part influenced by the observation that body hair generally retains its characteristics when transplanted to recipient head sites.

For example, beard hair is much coarser and can grow longer than finer, shorter hair originating from the legs. The diameter of the follicle, color, curliness, texture, growth rate, and shaft angle must also be taken into consideration to best match transplanted hair with the recipient hair site, bearing in mind that combinations of hair from different areas of the body can provide a more blended look and that some sources of body hair, such as the beard, will lose pigment faster over a long period of time.


Body Hair Transplant (BHT) as a major plus point may become donor hair because they are not genetically DHT susceptible hairs as some of the scalp hairs in MPB (Male Pattern Baldness).

People who are suffering from severe baldness, having lost their hope after getting poor results from wrong hair transplant procedure can very well benefit. It is stitch less technique and no severe pain.

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